Maggie Roswell has a wealth of business experience in television, film, commercials, voiceover, regional theater and on Broadway. Her expertise in each area of these mediums is extensive.  As an actor she has two television series, 6 Films, over 500 Commercials and years of stage training and acting to her credit. She garnered Primetime Emmys 89-90 90-91 for being a contributing member of the cast of The Simpsons.  She received a personal Emmy and Annie nomination as Sharry Bobbins in The Simpsons. (Acting resume available here.)

As a member of the creative roundtable at Bert Berdis & Company in Los Angeles, Ms. Roswell worked on winning ad-campaigns for AT&T, Pizza Hut, Frexinet, Bud Light and many more. Her team received numerous Belding and Clio awards. In the 10 years at the company Maggie was able to write, cast and direct her radio and television spots in “real time” and remotely.

In 1994 Maggie and her husband Hal Rayle moved to Colorado to raise their daughter and it was at that time they created Roswell and Rayle Inc. Roswell and Rayle developed  content for Level 3, Starz Encore, Universal Worldwide, AT& T Digital, Lone Star Sports, Gold Circle Farm Eggs and many more.  In their Colorado recording facility they recorded all of The Simpsons episodes for 20th Century Fox that Maggie voiced from 1994 till 2013.  They produced and voiced 13 shows of the acclaimed PBS series Animal Tales. Roswell and Rayle partnered with Celluloid Studios for a live-action/animation pilot Buddy Bing and Buddy Boom. 

Roswell and Rayle Inc. rode the “ringtone wave” with their sales of Baboontunes where they created, produced and voiced 100’s of ringtones, alerts and prompts for the early cel phone boom for iTune

The Company has just been nominated for daytime Emmy for their Denver  C470 Campaign for local programing in Colorado.  Ms. Roswell is a partner in Roswell and Rayle Inc. and co-owner of Audio RnR Recording Facility.