Maggie Roswell- Coach

Maggie offers three different areas of expertise:

Voiceover - Voice development and microphone technique for clients who are looking to be more successful in the various areas of voice.

Presentation Skills - Maggie works with private individuals or groups to enhance their ability to impart information in their presentations with power and impact.

Meet & Greet - For those individuals who have forgotten the art of face to face communication.


Each area of voice over i.e. animation, commercial copy, promo announcer, and industrial requires completely different vocal skill sets. It is important to know what tools to use when working in each of these arenas. Ms. Roswell helps develop her clients voices to engage in this highly competitive field



Maggie has also worked with many executives that want to communicate better while speaking in public or at a microphone.  Many clients just need a "tune-up".  They learn how to keep themselves energized and fresh while imparting much of the same material that they have given over a period of time.


Meet and Greet

Many people have never been given the opportunity to be schooled in human interaction.  Back in the day there was Barnes Business College to show young individuals how to create a great interview face to face.  Unfortunately, with our social network society, many people are great at text, better with a phone call, but fail at the one on one meeting.  After over 30 years in Entertainment and Corporate America,  Maggie has been able to coach those individuals who are not good with the interview process to triumph and win the job.